John Schultz, President
Students and their families are finding
that the "Allianz Life Company's"
college funding plan offers many
advantages over 529 college funding
What is a 529Plan?
Another good source of information
on the best college funding plans is
the "College Boards Organization."
Link to the "College Board"
"Allianz Life Plan is better than all 529
Each Tuition Reward point is equal to a $1.00 guaranteed minimum scholarship at any
of the member schools. The maximum scholarship varies by college, but currently is
over $40,000.  Enroll your family members -- children, grandchildren, stepchildren,
nieces, nephews, etc. -- from birth until August 31st of the year they start 11th grade.
The percentage of yield produced by these College Funding Plans is 40% higher than
any of the widely accepted 529 plans available today.
Earn guaranteed scholarships -- up to one full year's tuition -- at 260+ participating
private colleges and universities through the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program.
This program is an integral part of our college funding plan.  By saving or investing with, a SAGE financial partner, you will earn annual Tuition
Rewards based on the value of your eligible investments in the college funding plans.
All of this at no cost to you!    >>> Learn How It Works

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If college attendance changes, this plan
doesn't  leave you with a large TAX BILL
The Allianz Life, College Funding Plan is designed to provide you with a
savings plan that is capable of matching todays escalating college costs.
It allows you to build your college tuition for your children at the outstanding yield of fixed
5.3%APY or an 8.4%APY average yield, based on the plans ten year history. When the
children are ready for college, you can use your cash value for all educational costs
. This is the highest yield college funding plan available today.
When your children reach the point where you need funds for school housing, tuition or
any other educational related expenses, you can rely on our fixed index universal life
insurance based plan to provide your original investment amount plus the excellent
earnings generated by this very safe college funding plan.

This same college funding plan can be a lifetime investment vehicle that provides:

  • Rapidly growing Tax-Free tuition college funds
  • An ongoing scholarship program open to all participants
  • A growing retirement balance, providing a Tax-Free lifetime Income in retirement
  • The option to have a large Long-Term-Care balance
  • A very large death benefit built-in to protect your family's future

We are offering a $5000 bonus added to your Scholarship, when you apply for the
Allianz Life / SAGE plan.